Purpose & Mission


Jesus’s ways are higher than mine. They are better (much better). My ways lead to destruction, and most likely an angry husband, or an upset toddler. Jesus’s ways establish a quiet content in my home that my ways simply don’t have the patience to bring about.

A couple of years ago I found myself in a desperate place spiritually, maritally and emotionally. I was a lonely, small church, pastor’s wife. Faithful to all I knew to do as such. But when I attended a camp meeting “prayer encounter,” God revealed a deep routed issue, and well, the solution to the issue also. One that would change my entire household if I were to obey His leading. Possibly transform my dismal situation, or at the very least give me new perspective concerning it… 

I wasn’t willing to pray with my husband. I was afraid that if I did, he would know how weak I really was. I just wanted him to love and respect me as the godly woman I was created to be. But that day, 8 months pregnant, and tired of the lack of vulnerability in my marriage and personal prayer life, I submitted.

And when I did God began to establish His ways in my household. He revealed where we weren’t allowing Him to have the Headship in our home emotionally, financially, and in ever changing circumstances. He revealed the way He desired for us to speak with one another, how we should pray, giving us a vision for our family that we never had before. And He continues to, as we remain faithful to Him. 

It’s my desire, my prayer, that His ways would be established in your household also, that you may live in the fullness of His calling for your life.